Hi! My name is Kuba Kalka. I’m a motion designer, living in Warsaw (Poland). 

I started 10 years ago as a DJ who was not able to find anybody who could design a proper poster. So I learnt to do it myself.

Since then I’ve worked as a graphic designer, web designer, video editor. I’ve done hundreds (ok, maybe just dozens) of animations, including explainers, TV bumpers, commercials, 3D animations and VR videos. I’ve cooperated with big brands (such as Orange, Santander, Coty, PGNiG, Nationale-Nederlanden, …)

The best thing about animation is that at some point the only limitation in your creation is what French people used to call “la fantaiche, l’imagination” and nonetheless – deadlines. 

Deadlines keep me motivated and good old Slavic imagination is my superpower.